Prometheus Greek Entertainment of New York was pieced together by members of a former Greek band that experienced an unexpected loss of a very gifted member and mentor. The first meeting and session of practice took place due a local community’s need of an entertainment group for the St. George Greek Festival in Schenectady, NY. Various Greeks of the Albany, Schenectady, and Troy communities were brought together for the first time on very short notice to perform for two of the three scheduled festival days. The event was a success for the St. George community and thanks to their providing an opportunity, the group continued to work together ever since.

The members of Prometheus are both first and second generation Americans of Greek descent who hail from Cyprus, Kefalonia, Athens, Thessaloniki, and Xios. The group plays music from many different regions, and never stops evolving to meet the needs of any client. The small 4 person group quickly grew to eight members, and has connections with many musicians to provide endless possibilities. Two bouzoukis and vocalists, rhythm guitar, keyboard, clarinet, violin, and two drummers make any event a time for party, celebration, drink, and dance. Baptisms, engagement parties, weddings, dinner dances, festivals and club nights have all been part of the group’s annual commitments. The ensemble can vary in size and cost to meet the needs for any type of an event and the space available for entertainment.



Meet Chris our Bouzouki player, Vocalist and Keyboardist. As an established musician in the area, he is the front man of Prometheus and one of the Tri-State areas Premier DJ's for both Greek & American events. See more about him below......


Providing the rhythm for the group is our Guitarist Greg. With many different influences and extensive knowledge of Greek music, both old and new, he helps drive the originality that Prometheus brings with its unique sets and performances. See more about him below......


Making up another part of the rhythm section is Stasi, the Keyboardist. Balancing basslines and top keys are his specialty, and his passion for Greek Dance is evident with his strong sense of rhythms and melodies. See more about him below......


Bringing the traditional Greek sounds of the Clarino is Thanasi. His versatile playing makes any event something special. See more about him below......


Drummer Kiki is no stranger to the World Music scene, having traveled the world with various Ethnic bands throughout her career. Growing up Greek has always left her with a passion for Greek Music, and she loves to jam out on the skins for any Greek ocassion. See more about her below......


Bringing the heat from the islands all the way to Crete, Evan is our master Violin player. One of the newest members to the ensemble, Evan's background in Ethnic violin playing has brought the group to new heights and provides more variety for any type of event. See more about him below......


Our second Bouzouki player is George. One of the original members of the group, he has a personality like no other. Getting a party started is his specialty and will bring new life to your party! See more about him below......


John is the newest member to Prometheus, but he is not new at all to Greek music. Having played in bands his whole life, both on Drums & Keys, John knows the inner workings on all the Greek parties. As Vocalist and Keyboardist for the group, he brings the kefi with his powerful voice. He is also one of the leading party DJ's in central NY. See more about him below......

Christopher Philip has been a musician from a very young age. Starting with Piano & Trumpet in elementary school and working his way on to the drums in middle school, Chris couldn’t get enough of the rhythms he was learning. Growing up in a Greek household, there was much Greek music to be heard, and a few years later he joined the Greek Dance group at his local Parish and instantly fell in love with the unique dances and music.

Years later he joined a few Greek bands in the New York and Tri-City areas, and was playing almost every other weekend at Greek events. It is while playing in these bands that he fell in love with the Bouzouki and purchased one his next trip to Greece at the age of 17. Nearly 13 years later he is still evolving as a player and musician, and loves to learn new and challenging music every day.

Gregory Sokaris is Prometheus’ guitarist and also plays toumberleki.  He grew up in a very musical household and became very intrigued by Greek music as a young child attending community festivals and participating in the local dance group.  Greg learned to play piano as a child, guitar in his adolescence, and toumberleki as an adult.  Going to the bouzoukia in Greece for the first time as an adult had a major impact on Greg’s pursuit of Greek music.  Through countless hours of practice and listening to the classics, he strives to help bring the kefi at every event.

Starting out his musical career as a drummer, Anastasi Mantzouris made the switch to keyboards early on to fill a missing part in the Greek music community. A Father with strong ties to the Church and an ever growing passion for music gave Stasi inspiration and a strong desire to learn more about his roots. Having danced his whole life in the Church Dance Troupes around the area, he was no stranger to the unique and complex Greek rhythms and melodies. Taking these lessons over into his musical endeavors, he was able to grasp many different styles of playing. As he grew with the band, he became a strong force in the Greek music scene in NY.

Thanasi is the long-time klarino player with Prometheus, currently based in Boston, MA. Trained classically, his love of Greek dance got him playing traditional Greek klarino repertoire and styles at an early age with Prometheus. Over time, he has also gotten involved with the Arabic, Turkish, and Persian musical communities in Chicago and Boston, expanding his repertoire to include traditional and modern music from around the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. However, his Greek music has kept him playing for Greek events dancers whenever there has been a need. Recently, he has been focusing on the regional folk music from central and northern Greece, and studied in Epirus, Greece. He has also been recently involved in projects focusing on the modern Greek music of composers such as Theodorakis and Hadjidakis. More info: http://isanaht.com/music

Kiki Vassilakis has always been interested in music from a very young age, and growing up in a Greek household exposed her to many different cultural aspects of music. She plays with many bands of different ethnicities that travel the world, and this gives her great flexibility with her playing style and rhythms that make them so unique. Constantly being involved in many multimedia companies and event companies in the area, Kiki is very in touch with her clients and also putting on a great performance that will be forever remembered.

The heart of Island music begins with the violin, and Evan is top notch when it comes to bringing the Greek island music to life. Classically trained from a young age, his chops are like no other, and his ability to quickly learn anything he hears is an amazing asset to the band. He has past played violin in rock bands and gypsy bands that have all helped to give him a certain style that puts a very cool and modern twist to the Greek classics.

George is one of the original founding members of Prometheus, after the passing of a great friend and mentor caused an old group to retire from the community. Having a huge passion for his culture and the desire to keep the legacy of bouzouki alive and well in the Capital Region, he was more than eager to become a part of Prometheus when it first came into fruition. Always expanding his skills and musical repertoire, George remains one of the top entertainers and crowd pleasers of the group.

Born and raised in upstate New York, John Koutsaris started his musical career at the young age of five. His father was a great bouzouki player, and John was surrounded by music at home and throughout the local community. After singing for many years as a youngster, he joined his father’s ranks as a drummer for his Greek Band at age 14.  Through this band John was able to learn many aspects of Greek music and culture and gain invaluable experience that is very rare in the United States. As John felt his roots grow stronger for his heritage, he expressed himself through both Greek and American music while playing and DJ’ing for many events.  As the years went by, John realized there was a growing need for both Greek and American music at many parties, and to fill this void he began singing many favorites at parties that he was the DJ for. Favorites from Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and other artists quickly became signature parts of John’s performances which have taken place on a long list of weddings, baptisms, graduations ,birthdays, and corporate events.